The Flamingo SIM Card  is a so called multi country SIM with multiple country numbers embedded for a local experience and affordable rates for voice and data services worldwide.

The Flamingo SIM Card has a UK number as a main mobile number with the  option to choose a Flamingo USA number as an extra main mobile number (EMN). Other numbers also available!

The advantage of having a USA or other mobile number as an extra main number is that you will have a local presents in these countries and local numbers will be able to call you based on local rates.

To apply for a Flamingo SIM Card or an extra mobile number, please click here!

Flamingo SIM services:

  • Worldwide use for affordable voice and data services
  • Extra Mobile Numbers (EMN) available
  • Automatic top up with Flamingo MasterCard® possible
  • Affordable data bundles available
  • VOIP App with sim main number as DID available

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