Flamingo MasterCard® Card

Check out Flamingo Mastercard® Card features

Easy to load

You can have your card Re-loaded as your card is a re-loadable MasterCard®

Debt & interest free

This card is not a credit card so there is no worry of accumulating debt or carrying interest

Easy transfer

We provide the ability for you to transfer funds from your Intercash prepaid card to other Intercash card holders worldwide


Use Worldwide

Use your card worldwide wherever MasterCard® cards are accepted, including ATM’s for cash withdrawal and making in-store and online purchases

Track your balance

Track your spending through a customized account management tool where you’ll be able to view your transaction history, check your card balance, manage your credit account, and much more

Shop Anywhere

You can spend at any store, shop, or restaurant etc. that accepts MasterCard® cards (POS)

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